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Essential Oils Recipe for Diarrhea


By: Lynn Morales, ND

No, this isn’t the most exciting topic.  Well actually, if it is an issue you suffer from on a regular basis, it could take excitement in the wrong diarrhea-3direction.   I remember when Pepto Bismol was one of the solutions that I would buy to address it.   It tasted okay to me, but I realize that not everyone likes it.  Now that I find myself using more natural therapies, I am happy to find a solution using Young Living Essential Oils.  These oils are natural and come from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds.  They have a pleasant aroma and have been used for anointing and healing the sick.

Click on each oil below to read each description.  I think you will find an option or two that is of interest to you and will prove beneficial to have in your medicine cabinet.

Single Oils:
Peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, oregano, mountain savory, clove, lemon

Di-Gize, Thieves

Diarrhea detox blend:

  • 4 drops lemon
  • 3 drops mountain savory
  • 2 drops oregano

EO Applications:

Use CAPSULE, 0 size, 2 times daily
RICE MILK, 1-3 times daily
DILUTE 50-50, apply 6-10 drops over stomach area 2 times daily
COMPRESS, warm, 1-2 times daily
VITA FLEX, 1-3 drops on stomach Vita Flex points of feet

Dietary Supplementation:
Royaldophilus, Essential Omegas, ComforTone, ICP, Essentialzyme,
JuvaTone, JuvaPower/JuvaSpice

A maintenance dosage of ComforTone has protected travelers going to other countries from diarrhea and other digestive discomforts.

Nutmeg has been shown to have powerful action against diarrhea in a number of medical studies.

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