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Looking for a nutrition plan unique to you which means your chances of success are higher?

bloodcellsOur blood type contains the genetic message of our ethnic background. Each blood type (there are four — O, A, B, AB) is named for its biochemical differences found in the antigens.

Antigens are chemical markers found on the cell membranes in our bodies. They spark the production of antibodies, which are the basis for our immune systems. Imagine little antennae sticking out from cell membranes. These antennae are composed of saccharides (sugars, but not your basic table sugar!). Each of the four blood types has different combinations of the eight basic sugars in their antennae.

Blood type O has one sugar (fructose) as the basis of its antennae. Type A has two antennae and uses two sugars (fructose plus n-acetyl-galactosamine). Type B has two sugars (fructose plus d-galactose). Type AB has all three sugars found in the other three blood types.

We have found that blood type indicates potential allergies/sensitivities and disease potential more than any other factor. However, we also found that it is not totally effective without an understanding of metabolic profiling.

Please use the fat burning survey to get started: Fat Burning Rate Survey

To know your blood type:

1. Contact your doctor.
2. Donate blood and ask your blood type.
3. Purchase a blood type kit from Whole Foods Grocery Store.

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