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This is a partnership! That means both you and I will work on your goals together.

As a naturopath its important for me to get to know you from many perspectives. It is so easy to assume that a physical ailment is just that, physical. The reality is that we are more than just a physical body. In order to help you achieve the most positive change in your health in the shortest amount of time, its important for me to get the whole picture of what your health status is today. This is how we will measure your progress.

Please print out all the initial evaluation documents, 1-4 below, and complete them prior to your appointment. This will allow more time to actually perform a session and allow you to start experiencing improved health without delay!

  1. Initial Evaluation Wellness Form
  2. Emotional Questionnaire
  3. Client Release Form
  4. Symptom Survey

When you click on this link, you will be prompted for an account number. Please use the following: A002360 You will then be prompted for a user name and password. If you do not already have a user name and password, please notify Lynn’s office so one can be assigned to you.(“What is the Symptom Survey?”)

Symptom Survey

The Symptom Survey is designed to assist you in communicating your health concerns and issues and to identify things that you may not think matter but help complete the overall picture of your health. The tool will assist with identifying which body systems are in need of support. You will periodically complete this survey over the course of your work with Lynn.

Click here to go to Symptom Survey now.
When asked for an account number, please use. A002360

If you have already completed an online Symptom Survey your username and passcode is the same. If you do not have a username and password, please contact Lynn.

History of the Tool:

The development of the Symptom Survey has been an ongoing process that has incorporated Standard Processes’ 80 year history. Since the inception of Standard Process, the making of whole food supplements was based on the belief that good health comes from good nutrition, and the best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods. Research and development of the benefits that whole food supplements have on the human body has been their corporate focus. The Standard Process team of clinical specialists and a steering committee of practitioners developed the tool that is in use today.

The Symptom Survey is organized by body system not diagnosis and each grouping represents the following:

Group One – Sympathetic Dominance
Group Two – Parasympathetic Dominance
Group Three – Sugar Handling
Group Four – Cardiovascular
Group Five – Liver/Gallbladder
Group Six – Digestion
Group Seven – Endocrine (Thyroid, Pituitary, Adrenals)
Group Eight – B vitamin deficiency
Female Only
Male Only

The purpose of the Symptom Survey, although it is titled the “Symptom Survey”, is not to address actual symptoms but to identify “systems” which are in need of nutritional supplementation. Even if new “diseases” are identified, the systems of the body do not change. Usually a disease has an affect on one or more systems within the body and this is what the Symptom Survey is designed to identify to allow for specific nutritional support that can be given to the underlying system. The purpose of the survey is to allow the patient to voice their perception of his/her symptoms. The symptoms listed on the survey are grouped to extract foundational problems within a system rather than focus on individual symptoms.

Click here to go to Symptom Survey now.
When asked for an account number, please use. A002360

If you have already completed an online Symptom Survey your username and passcode is the same. If you do not have a username and password, please contact Lynn.


  1. Cortices Technique
  2. 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Program
  3. Lynn’s Spelt Carrot Cake
  4. SP Shake Recipes
  5. Carbohydrate Reset Diet
  6. Basic Dietary Rules
  7. Basic Smoothie Recipe
  8. Emotional Freedom Technique
  9. Enzyme Questionnaire
  10. Candida Cleanse Diet
  11. Post Purification Product Guide
  12. Coffee Enema
  13. Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Technique 
  14. Qi Gong Exercises 

Helpful Web Sites

  1. Urban Rebounder – Exercise Option
  2. LifeStyle For Health – Health and Nutrition Information
  3. Mini Rayonex – Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Blocker

Preferred Partners

The following partners are recommended for the services or products they provide. Their commitment is to help each client they work with in the most natural, non-invasive manner to move them to their highest level of health.

  • Wellness Water Filters – Its not just filtered water, its also structured with energized molecules to penetrate your cells faster leaving you feeling more hydrated. Drinking and shower units available. Portable units are great for traveling out of the country. Receive a 5% discount when ordering on this site Wellness Filter by using my name or referral ID 22998 or you may prefer to call (800)-428-9419.
  • Massage Therapy – Therapeutic Touch – Kim Trenhaile, Registered Massage Therapist – 3033 W. Parker Road, #113, Plano, TX, 75023 – 214-632-1531

Body Talk Access Training

Body Talk Access is body and mind balancing for health maintenance and management of daily health challenges; including improving performance, reducing stress, strengthening immune and physiological function. You will learn five body balancing techniques plus an invaluable technique to use in health emergencies. Read what others are saying about BodyTalk Access

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