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Emotional Balancing


Bach Flower Essences

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Bach Flower Essences are 38 flower-based formulas made from blooms of healing plants. Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine and each essence serves to balance a specific emotional state. Flower Essence Therapy (FET) is the transference of the energetic imprint of the plant, as expressed in it’s bloom, from the plant to the system, be it human, animal or plant. By shifting the resonance within our energetic anatomy, flower essence therapy restores balance to our entire system. Physically FET adjusts the electrical circuitry by creating new synapse connections in alignment with the conscious mind. It releases subconscious downloads and their associated mental and emotional reactive patterns. Alone or in combination, flower essences provide relief and healing from the stress of everyday life. They offer safe, effective and rapid relief for everyone at any stage of life. Flower essences are also very effective with animals. FET sessions are heart-centered discussions. Drug therapy suppresses symptoms. Talk therapy is instructive for identifying patterns and subconscious downloads (old tapes). FET focuses on our emotions that drive the old tapes and uses an energetic tool to release the old tape from our energetic anatomy. Reasoning with the subconscious mind (the unwanted old tapes) is like telling the tape player to change the song. We will continue to hear the old tape until we either remove the tape or replace it with a more harmonious one.

Body Talk Access Training

Body Talk Access is body and mind balancing for health maintenance and management of daily health challenges; including improving performance, reducing stress, strengthening immune and physiological function. You will learn five body balancing techniques plus an invaluable technique to use in health emergencies. Read what others are saying about BodyTalk Access

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